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Becoming JiJi Chapter 1, “The Day I Fell in Love”

A small boy with a crust of snow in his hair came clomping into the warming room, sat on the cement bench, and sobbed, arms covering his face. Joe, my boss, kneeled in front of him. The boy said his feet were so cold they were hurting real bad.

Through the warming-room windows, I could see great gray clouds blotting out the darkening sky. The few trees on the edge of the outdoor skating rink bent forward in the wind like old people.

Joe said to the boy, “Do you want me to warm them with my hands?”

The child said yes but cried harder. Joe took off the boy’s ice skates and socks and held those little feet.

“My dad used to do that,” the boy said.

Joe asked him where his dad was. The boy said, “Up in heaven,” and cried even more. Joe soothed him. The room was silent except for Joe’s quiet, kind voice. All the kids were listening, especially me, because I’d never seen another man that kind and tender, and I wanted a man like that.

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