Becoming JiJi,
The First
Shingle Creek Saga!

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The Second Shingle Creek Saga:
The Real Paul Makinen?

“The Shingle Creek Community Rises Up, Rebels, and Wins”


Paul Makinen idolizes both Joe Stern, the director at Shingle Creek Park, and Jill Frisk, the founding chairperson of the influential and popular Shingle Creek Teen Council. He’s devastated when they leave town and he becomes the park director by default — at the age of nineteen.

Paul descends into a panic, certain he’s not qualified for that role. But sixteen-year-old Karen Ahlberg and the other teen council members encourage Paul. They work closely with him running park programs and getting funding for new ones.

When the parks commissioner suddenly dies, Karen, Paul, and the teen staff are fired. A new director, with no roots in the community, immediately alienates everybody. As unemployment takes a toll in this blue collar neighborhood, residents get even angrier.

Can Karen and Paul lead the neighborhood in rebellion, win back control of the warming room, and get changes the neighborhood desperately needs?

Will Paul finally become the real Paul Makinen, learn to appreciate his own considerable strengths and skills? And most important, will the real Paul Makinen finally realize that Karen is the love of his life?

Coming in 2018!

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